Monday, February 27, 2012

Girl Child Dress Up Closet

so my ILs wanted to know what to get the girl child for Christmas (2011) and I thought long and hard, but realized she LOVES clothes and to play princess and dress up so i suggested a dress up closet to hold her all clothes (she already has a princess vanity)

so it was now time to search to see what to get for her...

this is what they did.

Bought a simple 3 or 4 shelf book case in white (or whatever color you desire)
similar to this
remove the shelves and get a small tension rod (or shower curtain rod) but make sure its small.. and if you want to be super fancy then get a super fancy rod.

we put hooks on the outside of the "closet" for pocketbooks or whatever she wants to hang.
they put princess stickers and this is what we got

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